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I make all my own Birthday and Christmas cards for relatives and friends. I’m even working on our company Christmas cards this year. I don’t think that May is too early to start planning !

I use a variety of crafts including embossing, rubber stamping, decoupage, folk art and of course good old computer graphics.





I’ll start with the computer first because we all have one of those to hand ! I use several packages for designing but my personal favourite is Serif. I have also used Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word. Word is good for the card inserts and if you can print them in colour, they look even more special.

Most of the software packages have easy to follow layout guides, but after using them for a while, I now make up my own cards. I have to say that embossing is my favourite craft and I love the effect it gives the cards. I like to use stencil frames to border my chosen design especially if its a decoupage card.

Please check back here often as I hope to include pictures and instructions for making your own unique cards.

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