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Embossing is one of my favourite crafts and one of the easiest I have ever attempted. Anyone can do it from children to Grandmas !! All you need is a few stencils, a light source, an embossing tool and card or paper.



Place the stencil on the card/paper and secure with small pieces of masking tape



Turn the card over and place it over the light source. You can use a window, glass topped table or a light box.

Using the embossing tool, trace the stencil outline using gentle pressure. You only need to follow the outline, there is no need to rub the entire area. When you have completed embossing the design, turn the card over and remove the stencil.
Hints: You can use any card or paper. Parchment paper works especially well. The stencil design may be painted afterwards using stencil paints. Add the paint after the embossing. For a special effect on parchment paper, use paint on the reverse of the embossing. This gives the design a translucent effect.


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