Tea Bag folding is not as the name suggests. Its nothing at all to do with folding soggy/dried tea bags !! Its actually the art of folding the small sachets that the herbal tea bags are supplied in. The unfortunate thing is that its only on the continent that tea bags are sold in decorative square sachets.  The good news is that you can make your own using the following techniques.The size of the sachets shown below are 4cm/1 1/2 inches square. Either rubber stamp the squares, or stencil in a design. The ones shown below were created using stencils. I scanned in the images and used a graphics program to repeat the designs. I then coloured them using felt pens. You could also use plain or coloured clip art to design your own. If you use coloured clip art, it could then be sent to your colour printer ready for use. (saves a lot of time!!)

There are many ways of folding the squares and you may develop a few of your own. You can also use wrapping paper, but must make sure that the squares are accurately cut and that the design is repeated centrally.

You can create your own unique designs using rubber stamps or stencils. Another idea is to use a silhouette punch on plain or coloured paper.


Additional Equipment needed

Double sided tape



Pens/felt tips/crayons/pencils



Carefully cut out the pre printed squares. Colour them with either felt tipped pens, crayons or paints.

Arrange four of the squares on

your card to form the base.



Fold eight of the squares in half and then

fold in half again. (making quarters ! )





The first square should be set

at a diamond shape angle.





Carefully unfold the second square and place a small piece of double sided tape at each end. Attach this to the first square at an angle.




Continue attaching the remaining squares in the same manner until eight squares are fixed to form a rosette shape.





The finished rosette should be glued over the

original four squares that formed the base.