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These are my three favourite children, my wonderful neice & nephews-Kelly, Christopher and Matthew.

(The photo quality isn't as good as I wanted, but I was in a hurry to get them scanned!)

chrismattkelly train.jpg (17962 bytes)

chrismattkelly zoo.jpg (26901 bytes)

At the Zoo......I think that's an elephants bottom on the left of the picture!

kellychrismatt home.jpg (18431 bytes)

At Aunty Thresa's house, hanging out and having fun!

mattchris party.jpg (17319 bytes)

I think this is Christopher's birthday party

kelly christmas.jpg (12574 bytes)

Kelly, all frocked up for Christmas at Aunty Sharon's

matthew hoop.jpg (11587 bytes)

Matthew, learning the hoop!

(come on Mum, give him a lesson!!)

matthew nativity.jpg (21732 bytes)

Matthew again at the school nativity

(what a bad Aunty I am, I can't remember what he was now!)

That's all for now, until I get a few more photos.