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I discovered this fascinating craft a few years ago courtesy of Plaid. They did a really good kit which they sold on a UK shopping channel. I purchased a kit with a box, plaque and a few picture frames. I have added a few more to this collection and now my home has all the picture frames and boxes it needs !! I’m fast running out of space to put them in, so I may have to have a go at selling them at craft fairs.

Finished Frames

Using a variety of techniques, I have transformed these plain white plastercraft frames. All of them were basecoated in white thinned down emulsion paint. I then chose a colour and sponged them all. The rose finishes were made using Plaid porcelain. It was the first time I had used this and was very pleased with the results. The green frame at the bottom of the picture was painted using a technique called swirl roses. Using a large tipped stylus, make a white dip dot, then a raspberry dip dot next to it. Swirl them together to make a cabbage type rose.

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These plaques were basecoated with thinned white emulsion, and then individually painted using very fine brushes. Ribbon was threaded through them and they are now ready to put in either a picture or a verse. I am going to print out  Angel sayings on coloured card and insert them.

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These boxes were basecoated with thinned white emulsion. The peach and green boxes were sponged. The white box was painted using very fine brushes and picking out the details. The Gold box was sponged using antique gold.

All of the above projects were finished using a spray  sealing varnish.

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