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gardenbanner.jpg (17322 bytes)

Megarden.jpg (11434 bytes)

Here's me hard at work as usual !! Ian usually mows the lawn

but I get the job of clipping the edges

Frangi.jpg (28104 bytes)

This frangipani was found in the bushes of our garden.

At first we thought it was a dead stick in a pot !!

It was rescued shown water & sunshine and has flourished.

Ianbarbi.jpg (31070 bytes)

Ian's other favourite garden activity - the barbi.

If you live in Oz, you have to have one.

Close front.jpg (65134 bytes)

The front of the house - after it had been tamed.

Most of the houses here have those huge rocks which are

great for landscaping.

Back garden lavender.jpg (63369 bytes)

I can't claim to have grown this lavender either.

It was already growing well when I arrived,

the blooms are great for making craft items

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