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This is the whole bunch of us - from left to right

top row   Dad, Me, Mum, Thresa. Christopher

bottom row Kelly, Sharon, Paul, Matthew, Andrew

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Another family mug shot - Kelly isn't in this one so she must have taken it ! Well done Kelly, you didn't chop any ones head off (unlike Nanny & Aunty Mandy!!) The other chap is Ian.

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Kelly - the 1st born and my only niece. (so far) She's a cute little thing and they say she looks like me (never mind Kelly, that will change!!) Here she is in her school photo. Kelly is showing signs of stardom already by appearing in school play -   just ask her to do the Barbie girl song !!

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Christopher - a very cute and a loving little boy who's been known to be a bit of a monkey. He's probably the reason why his Mum has started getting grey hairs !! (sorry Thresa)He's now started school, much to his Mum's delight!! He loves his train set which keeps getting bigger.

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Matthew - another cute and loving child with a happy smiling face. He's just started Kindy and is learning to make all those exciting things made out of toilet rolls! His quad bike is the favourite toy and Taz is also a big favourite at the moment.

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Here are Ians Australian cousins.

Dot & Brian settled in Adelaide about 4o years ago

and are now part of the scenery !!

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