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I just love dolls and here I have a few of my own creations for you to see.

These are the first type of dolls I ever made, they are made and are all hand sewn. They are from the Kate Greenway book and even though they take a long time to make, they are well worth it.
Dsc00009.jpg (65244 bytes) Dsc00002.jpg (63742 bytes) Dsc00003.jpg (64066 bytes)

These angels were made last Christmas and were a big hit. They are made of calico and make great gifts. I attached a handwritten card for my special freinds!

Pink Angel.jpg.jpg (63145 bytes) Red Angel.jpg.jpg (64299 bytes)

Meet my Biddie Dolls, they are again made of calico & are very easy(jsut don't tell my customers!)

Biddie Doll.jpg.jpg (63134 bytes)

Biddie dolls 2.jpg (59283 bytes)

I've had this pattern for so long, but only just got around to making them. The clowns were the first ones and I then I got the idea to make the babies!

Baby dolls.jpg.jpg (64138 bytes)

clowns.jpg.jpg (64766 bytes)

These fairies are made from shredded paper and make lovely gifts. I made cream & gold ones for the Christmas tree

Heart Fairies1.jpg.jpg (63655 bytes) Heart Fairy.jpg.jpg (64461 bytes)
Lavendar Doll.jpg.jpg (63644 bytes) This must have been one of the quickest dolls I have ever made. She is a lavender lady and the main body is filled with good old Australian lavendar

Scissors4.gif (1618 bytes)Come back soon ......This is still under construction