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My Mum & Dad have visited us in Austrailia twice now and these are a few pictures from their latest visit. Both love the country as much as we do and can't wait to visit again.
mumdad semaphore.jpg (19730 bytes) This must have been one of their first days out and just look at that beach - beautiful Semaphore, just up the road from Port Adelaide.

I try to go walking here at least once a month, what a way to spend Sunday mornings!

Mum, Dad & Mandy at Sovereign Hill

Here we all are at the diggings, Sovereign Hill, Ballaratt. They have reconstructed the old gold mining village and you can even pan for gold. We had wonderful weather and loved every minute of it

Mum & Dad at Sovereign Hill More pictures of Soveriegn Hill, Ballaratt
Mandy & Mum on horses at Soveriegn Hill


We found these great old style rocking horses at Soveriegn Hill in Ballaratt and just had to have a go!

(couldn't get Dad on them!)

Dad at the  Pinnacles

Dad, high on a hill in the Grampians, Victoria. We didn't have such good weather here, but loved it all the same

Dad in the Dunny

Dad in a Dunny at Sovereign Hill, it really was that dark in there and I was a bit worried about the spiders!

Dad & Mandy in the Grampians

Dad & Me at the Pinnacles in the Grampians. It took us a while to climb up there, but it was worth it.
(and we found an easier way down!)

Mum at the Pinnacles

Mum at the Pinnacles in the Grampians.

(She got a bit scared, being up so high and a little old lady helped her down!!)