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Well, where do I start? As I said previously, I was born in the UK have lived there for most of my life. Recently, my partner & I decided to move to South Australia and start a computer company. We have now settled in Adelaide and are busy getting the business going. I enjoy travelling and have visited quite a few countries - pictures of which I hope to include on my pages.

I enjoy exercising and have recently added weight training to my list of keep fit activities. These have included aerobic step ( which I have had to give up since leaving behind my video and step in the UK) walking & swimming. I do try do to one of these every other day but sometimes time beats me !! I am keen on gardening and luckily, the house we moved into had an already established garden. It needed quite a bit of tidying up, but is now looking quite respectable. My favourite type of garden consists of shrubs and trees with plants in pots, tubs and hanging baskets. It was a bit too late this year to start these off, so they will have to wait until next year.

My other passion is sewing and crafts & I have dedicated a special page to these as there are so many things to share with you. I always manage to find time for my crafts and usually have quite a few things on the go. Some of these never get finished (a lot of people can testify to that !!) but most do and I have added   pictures to prove it.

One of the things that I miss about England is not being able to see as much of my family & friends. I have asked them all to visit me and hopefully they will all turn up eventually. So far, Mum & Dad have made the trip twice and have plans to return. I have included a page dedicated to my family members so you can see the mug shots. I hope to include pictures of friends etc but have to have their permission first !! I have also added two special pages for Australia & South Australia with, but they are not yet completed and I ahve loads more to put on there. I love living here as the people are so friendly and the weather - well, what can I say? Everyone told us that the winter would be cold and that I would have to "rug up" but I think after 30 odd years of English winters I'm a bit more prepared.

That should give you a good idea for now, but look back later as I hope to add and improve the pages. Have fun on my website and thanks to Tripod.

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